Friday, April 24, 2020

Story Two: The Dark Ages

Story Two:
 The Dark Ages

Though we lived in a nice two story house, there was still something missing. When I was thirteen, I begged to have my folks take me for a ride up to the hills.

Now things were beginning to change along the boulevard but when we went up a road into the hills, the city and the haze were lost below.

I forgot all about everyday life. The hurrying, and rushing of people below faded away as a mysterious thrill came over my body.

As the sky got bluer, it felt as if I were winding back into a world of enchanting memories.

Once, I brought a city friend up to the hills. He thought it was “neat”, but that’s all. He didn’t feel the deep thrill that I experienced from being up there. I tried to explain, but he couldn’t understand because he hadn’t had a chance to see what I have seen. It was like asking a child to do a complicated algebra problem.

Now let me show you some of what I’ve seen. Come along with me to the lonely hills above La Habra. We will spin back into the misty past of the early 1940’s.

In 1938 through 1945 there were great amounts of rainfall.

There were severe storms.

I call this time The Dark Ages.


Often the hilltops were hidden in the clouds.

Everything grew thick and wild. 

…and there were lichens and mosses that we rarely see today.

This is The Lost Era. These old places and things are disappearing.

The beauty of this place and time is so close that we disregard it.

We stamp it under our feet for a horrifying future where no one sees the great old landmarks of a proud past

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Very nice. Amazing art work.