Friday, April 24, 2020

Story Five: The Deep Dark Hole

Story Five: The Deep Dark Hole

After Mother left the room, I stared, slightly gasping at the closet and four walls around me. At first there was nothing but blackness.

Then as I got drowsy, I suddenly I felt as if I were weak, and floating on my back.


Then the bed began to rock gently back and forth and lift up on end from the foot. I almost enjoyed this strange sensation in my half asleep state.

Dreams come on in strange ways and for a second I felt as if I were being flushed down the toilet like a helpless spider.

I heard a voice yelling, “Help!” as if drowning…

... and then I came out the sewer pipe into a ditch under the bamboo. My grandmother had warned me not to go near that ditch because the fat, dirty Boogey Man would get me… 


…or I would fall down a deep dark hole.

And the bed kept rocking back and forth, and turning over and over, very slowly going down that deep dark hole.


As I kept sinking down I noticed crazy little artwork and scribblings on the walls of the hole. There was an old car and other silly things. 

Further on there were a lot of ridiculously funny faces staring at me and laughing.

But later on they seemed to enjoy tormenting me.


Soon I was at the bottom of the hole in a dark cave.

Haunting eyes peered at me in the darkness.

There were spiders in webs and one in a jar bursting the top open. 

There were also headless lizards and snakes crawling over the bed. 

The cave got darker and smaller…

…and I wormed my way up to the top.

… and discovered that I was over at old Lowell School, an unpleasant place of my childhood. In waking life, a group of bully boys gave me a nosebleed. Mommy was talking to the teacher after school to see if I’d been a bad boy, and run out of the classroom. My great grandmother was in the back seat waiting, unaware that the wheel of the car was overhanging a deep crater. I felt temporarily relieved to see her. 

I yelled for her to see me, but like in all dreams she didn’t seem to hear me. I tried to reach her, but then suddenly I tripped and fell down that deep dark hole again.

I screamed on the way down. 

I saw the strange engravings on the walls of the hole as I fell.

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