Friday, April 24, 2020

Story Five: Deep Dark Hole II


The Deep Dark Hole II



But then somehow I was back at the school. That mean old principal had locked me in a room again. The door slammed shut. Now I was isolated away alone, and I wanted Mommy. There was a reddish pattern on the floor like on a rug .

The pattern began splitting in the center, and a yellow and purple flower like pattern came through. 

Then the floor opened up and I was falling again through waving color patterns. 

Strangely enough, a hole opened up in the center.


And I found myself falling down an elevator shaft in a tall Bank of America building.

Below there were semi-transparent rooms in a purplish glow.
 These rooms were in a tight place in the cave deep in the earth. It would give anyone claustrophobia.


Then it changed partly back into a cave and basement of an old jewelry store.

I  stopped falling at this bend of the hole. There were jewels and gold bricks. A watch maker was making clocks and watches. There were loads of money, gold and jewels.  Although it was shimmering, and beautiful to look at, I knew it was a curse of evil and many people had died fighting over it. Was this what it was like in hell, where all evil people went with all their riches but would never see the sunlight again? Only darkness and murky odors.

Then I slipped out of the crook in the hole and fell down still deeper, like the little girl I heard about who fell down a well in Los Angeles.


At the bottom there was still another room. Even though I was in a cave, I could see faintly the floor, walls, and windows of my bedroom. In a dream we can be in two or even three places at  once. 

Suddenly I was over at some friends of my parents in an old shed with a lot of old junk . There was a grinding and chopping sound like lawnmowers were chasing after me. I ran off and ended up in the cave again. 

Some little pink lizards crawled all over. Goofy looking, friendly snakes glowed in the dark as they floated around. 

There were all kinds of animals walking around on the floor going about their business in their own strange ways. 

Salagite Weizzora, a salamander-like creature, was floating past me and leeching off a cow in the desert, but it didn’t bother me and floated by silently. 

There was a cry of distress. The cave echoed with deep dying moans It was the voice of a man trapped, and screaming inside. Suddenly red, yellow, and green acid water that turned flesh to bones came rushing, and bubbling in the cave. I just managed to get out before an iron spear-footed gate fell. 


A chattering noise echoed in the room. 
 Kri krilla grita, a strange purple thing like a cave-man’s club, was chewing into the floor, slowly crawling along like a snail on a slimy substance. 

Then a “Whale Whip”. swiftly rushed across the floor. Men in pickup trucks ran over it, but it wouldn’t die. It had to be kept completely dried out in suspended animation to keep it under control. If any dampness at all touched it, the thing would grow huge and eat everything with its long whipped tentacles. But it seemed to have no interest in me as if I were immune to it.  

There was a terrible haunting moaning noise like a large horn echoing somewhere in the distance, but I couldn’t tell where.

It. seemed to be getting louder and closer.

What horrible thing could be lurking around here?

That honking noise was right nearby, and then above me was a thing shaped like a sea shell with a red tongue hanging out.

It seemed to be after me so I ducked down out of sight.

It killed the Salagite Wiezzora.

There was blood, blood everywhere, and on me too!

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